David Quinn was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1971.

He mostly makes series of small abstract paintings on paper and wood.

He has exhibited widely at home and abroad and had solo shows in Dublin, Belfast, Sydney, London, Brussels, Tokyo and will be showing in Seoul in June 2019.

In 2O17 he moved to Shillelagh, County Wicklow where he lives and works with his wife and two sons.

He is represented by the following galleries:

Taylor Galleries - Dublin
Purdy Hicks - London
Rossicontemporary - Brussels
Yanagisawa Gallery - Urawa City
Gibbons & Nicholas - International

Gana Art Hannam
5 - 30 June 2019

Solo Exhibitions

2019 new work, Gana Art Hannam, Seoul, Korea
2019 paintings, Amaneya Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan
2O18 paintings, Yanagisawa Gallery, Saitama, Japan
2O18 paintings, Rossicontemporary, Brussels, Belgium
2O18 paintings, WCAC, Skibbereen, Ireland
2O18 new paintings, Purdy Hicks, London, England
2O17 undersong, Taylor Galleries, Dublin, Ireland
2O17 new work, Solstice Arts Centre, Navan, Ireland
2O16 Start, Saatchi Gallery, London w/ Gibbons&Nicholas
2O16 blank, Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland
2O15 seam, Taylor Galleries, Dublin, Ireland
2O14 dunkelbunt, Taylor Galleries, Dublin, Ireland
2O12 pewter, Taylor Galleries, Dublin, Ireland
2O12 d-esque, Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast, Northern Ireland
2O11 murmur, Taylor Galleries, Dublin, Ireland
2O1O margin, Taylor Galleries, Dublin, Ireland
2OO6 new work, Taylor Galleries, Dublin, Ireland
2OO4 lost and found, Blue Leaf Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
2OO3 new work, 412 Harold's X Road, Dublin, Ireland
2OO1 new work, Daintree, Dublin, Ireland
2OOO new work, Side Door, Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin, Ireland
1999 new work, SDCC HQ, Ireland
1999 new work, Melt, Dublin, Ireland
1999 new work, Jute, Dublin, Ireland
1997 new work, Maudespace, Sydney, Australia
1995 charlie pelican one show belly, Head Gallery,
Ormond Multi-Media Centre, Dublin, Ireland

Group Exhibitions

2O19 Buildings are like Birds, Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast
2O19 London Art Fair w/ Purdy Hicks
2018 PULSE Miami w/ Purdy Hicks
2018 VUE Art Fair w/ Taylor Galleries
2018 SOLO SHOW Seoul w/ GanaArt
2018 KIAF 2O18 Seoul w/ Purdy Hicks
2O18 Contemporary Istanbul w/ Gibbons & Nicholas
2O18 Art Brussels w/ Rossicontemporary
2O18 London Art Fair w/ Purdy Hicks
2O17 Changing Group Show, Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast
2O17 VUE Art Fair, Dublin w/ Taylor Galleries
2O17 PULSE Miami w/ Purdy Hicks
2O17 KIAF 2O17 Seoul w/ Purdy Hicks
2O17 London Art Fair w/ Purdy Hicks
2O17 Dirty Filthy Paintings, BSA Project Space, Australia
2O17 Small, Purdy Hicks, London
2O16 CONTEXT Miami w/ Gibbons & Nicholas
2O16 Art on Paper  New York w/ Gibbons & Nicholas
2O16 VUE Art Fair, Dublin w/ Taylor Galleries
2O16 CONTEXT  New York w/ Gibbons & Nicholas
2O16 Changing Group Show, Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast
2O16 Two Birds / One Stone, Farmleigh Gallery, Dublin
2O16 Island, Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast
2O15 VUE Art Fair, Dublin w/ Taylor Galleries
2O14 The Opening of the New Space, Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast
2O14 VUE Art Fair, Dublin w/ Taylor Galleries
2O14 White Hours, Studio Apothiki, Paphos, Cyprus
2O13 RHA Annual Exhibition, Dublin
2O13 Éigse, VISUAL, Carlow
2O13 VUE Art Fair, Dublin w/ Taylor Galleries
2O13 Gallery Friends, Lavit Gallery, Cork
2O12 Proper Nouns and Adjectives, Fenderesky Gallery, Belfast
2O12 VUE Art Fair, Dublin w/ Taylor Galleries
2O12 Marathon Irish, Dialogue, London
2O12 Fionnuala D'Arcy, Alacoque Davey, David Feeley,
K.K. Godsee, David Quinn, The Engine Room Gallery, Belfast
2O12 Oak, Killenure Castle, Co. Tipperary
2O11 VUE Art Fair, Dublin w/ Taylor Galleries
2O1O Éigse 3O Year Retrospective, VISUAL, Carlow
2OO9 Fís, invited artist, NOVAS, Liverpool
2OO8 Fís, invited artist, NOVAS, Liverpool
2OO8 Boyle Arts Festival, Roscommon
2OO7 Boyle Arts Festival, Roscommon
2OO7 Fear Not, Íontas, Sligo Art Gallery, Sligo
2OO7 RHA Annual Exhibition, Dublin
2OO6 Emerging Artists, Eigse, Carlow
2OO3 RHA Annual Exhibition, Dublin
2OO3 Éigse, Carlow
2OO2 Éigse, Carlow
1998 John Moore, Eoin Llewelyn and David Quinn, Cross Gallery, Dublin

Awards and Residencies

2O17 Arts Council Visual Arts Bursary
2O15 Tony O'Malley Studio Residency Award
2O14 DLR Professional Development Grant
2O12 DIT Portland Row
2OO6 Ballinglen Arts Foundation
2OO6 Mountjoy Prison (Artists in Prison Scheme)
2OO5 Roundstone Arts Week

Curatorial Projects

2017 LACUNA [ 04 ], Taylor Galleries, Dublin (co-curatorial project with Sabina Mac Mahon, featuring work by Sharon Etgar, Vincent Hawkins, Eimear Murphy, Pauline O'Connell, Rachel Parry, Eddie Rafferty, Gerda Teljeur, Andrew Ward and Tad Wiley
2015 LACUNA [ 03 ], Taylor Galleries, Dublin (co-curatorial project with Sabina Mac Mahon, featuring work by Mark Cullen, Cliona Harmey, Kyle McDonald, Chloe Nagle, Lesley-Ann O’Connell and Rachel-Rose O’Leary)
2014 LACUNA [ 02 ], Taylor Galleries, Dublin (co-curatorial project with Sabina Mac Mahon, featuring work by Neil Carroll, Sarah Jane Finnegan, Gillian Lawler, Cora Cummins, Shane Murphy and Sonny Ortolano)
2013 LACUNA [ 01 ], Taylor Galleries, Dublin (co-curatorial project with Sabina Mac Mahon, featuring work by Lucy Andrews, Maggie Madden, Seán Molloy, Eveleen Murphy and Gwen Wilkinson)

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AIB Corporate Banking
Arthur Cox
Atomic Advertising
Ballinglen Arts Foundation
Bank of Ireland
Boyle Civic Collection
Carlow Institute of Technology
Clinch Wealth Management
Dynamo Design
Eaton Corporation
Electric Ireland
Financial Risk Solutions
Hôtel de Crillon
Imago Mundi
Iona Technologies
Irish International
Kilkenny Education Centre
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